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Nutritional Therapy.


What is Nutritional Therapy

 Nutritional Therapy is holistic and Bio individual to nutrition and lifestyle. It is the treatment of a medical condition for example diabetes, chromes, through changes in diet by adjusting quantities, quality and method of nutrient intake.

  Nutritional Therapy is an evidence based approach to maximizing someones health. As a nutritional therapy practitioner it is my job to find nutritional imbalances and find how these are contributing to your symptoms and concerns. Please note that this is not to replacement medical advice but it is used to maximize your health.

  There is no one size fits all plan which is why I like to start with an initial consultation to get to know more about what you like and dislike so I am able to create a meal plan that suits you and your needs and make it sustainable.

Why is Nutritional therapy beneficial.

 Nutritional therapy is beneficial in many ways whether you want to keep healthy, change your lifestyle to loose weight or to help symptoms connected to an illness. Food plays a vital role in everything we do in our life, nutrients play a crucial part in helping us get the most from our bodies and to be able to do more physically in everyday life.

 A healthy lifestyle can help boost immune systems, digestion, cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous systems and so much more as well as helping with emotional and psychological well-being. Having a healthy lifestyle can also improve skin, hair and nails making a person look over all more healthy helping people gain more confidence in themselves, and also help people feel more energized on a daily basis.

What to expect on your initial consultation.

 Prior to your consultation I will deliver you a questionnaire with questions regarding your current health concerns, past medical history, family history, and your symptoms. It will also include a few questions about what your ideal goals are and a few questions regarding foods that you do and don't like.

 Once i have evaluated your needs I will use nutritional science to create a custom safe and efficient lifestyle plan for you to follow. The initial assessment will take 1 hour and 30 minutes to make sure that we have you on the right plan and that you are happy with all that has been discussed, as I want to make sure that it is as beneficial and sustainable as possible for you. 

 I will also provide you with Bach which will help with your transition and motivate you to continue as I have found this to be beneficial to clients.

 I do recommend clients to come back for a follow up consultation to track their progress and make any necessary amendments.

 I provide Vegan and non vegan meal plans to suit everybody's needs also I include Restaurants that supply healthy meal options for the times that you go out for dinner to make it as easy as possible for you to remain on track.

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