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Bach Therapy

Bach terapy

Bach flower remedies are an alternative treatment that is used for emotional problem and pain.They are made out of water down extracts from the flowers of wild plants.


Dr.Edward Bach who was a surgeon, doctor, bacteriologist, pathologist and homeopath, created these remedies in the early 1900's.

The idea behind the remedies is similar to homeopathy, however they use fewer materials and do not work directly on physical symptoms, but instead on the emotions. It is a well known fact now that 50-75% of all disease is stress related.


Many years ago when Dr.Bach first started he realized peoples emotions were contributing to their physical ailments, and so he set out to create a natural healing system to help people restore balance and maintain their well-being as well as mind, body and soul, as they need to be in harmony together.

The Bach system works on 38 flower remedies that each address a specific negative emotion. The emotions themselves are grouped into seven psychological causes for illness; Fear, Uncertainty, Lack of interest in present circumstances, Loneliness, Over sensitivity, Despair and lastly over caring for others.

The remedies are made using one of two methods. For more delicate flowers this involves floating the flower heads in pure water for three hours in direct sunlight. For woodier plants and those that bloom in weak sunlight, this involves boiling the flowers for up to thirty minutes in pure water. In both cases the heat transfers energy in the flowers to the water. This also ensures that Bach remedies are safe to use for people who suffer with Hay fever.

In Bach therapy, you have a one to one consultation whereby we can discuss your problems, and hopes etc. This enables me to work with you to tailor make your bottle. The essences can be added to either spring water or brandy. 

Once you have your remedy simply put 4 drops under your tongue 4 times a day, you can take more should you feel you need it, as its natural it can not do any harm to you.

A month later you will have a follow up session to see how things have progressed and to re-evaluate the remedies ingredients should anything need changing, This is being in everyday life as time passes we find our selves always receiving new challenges and the great thing about Bach is that it can change with you when you need it.

Bach is suitable for and age from birth to death, it is also very beneficial to animals who are also having problems.

I offer a free 15 minute phone call for anyone who wishes to discuss whether this is the best service for you and if we make a good fit.

Book today or call me on: 01534721861

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