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Meet The Team


Jacqueline De La Haye

meet th team

Hi there, my names Jackie, I am 67 years young, I have always had a deep fascination with all things spiritual, even from a young age my nan always said I was the chosen one in our family it wasn't till much later on in life that I truly understood what it was she meant by that. For many years I worked as a Sen carer, which I loved, and all my colleagues would come to me for card readings and healing, which of course I was always happy to do as it was a deep passion in my life, whilst raising my teenager as a single mum I would always do Courses and workshops to hone in on my passions and giving me something to do instead of being alone in my flat whilst she was out at weekends. This was a great time in my life as that's when I joined the Bel royal healing group which was a 2-year course where we had to study and do 120 hours with the community, not only was I doing what I loved but we also formed a really close group of friends which made studying for our exams really fun as we would do study groups in each other's homes. From that I continued on my courses, and carried on learning and taking exams to add to my already wide range of services.

When I retired, I decided that it was more than just a passion, it was my lifes purpose, I have always enjoyed being social and helping people so that's when I created Innovative Health Jersey, and with the help of my daughter and product knowledge between us we are hoping to keep offering more and more for many years to come.

Leandra Le Maistre

Hi I'm Leandra, I am 28 years old, as many of you will know I am the one referred to as crystal girl in this shop as i have a wide knowledge on them and a slight obsession with collecting them. I also have a great interest in herbal remedies which is how come we have introduced our own brand range using essential oils and herbs. I truly believe that a natural approach is the best way for many where medication isn't necessary. I have a beautiful little boy called Logan-James which I know many of you have met in the shop he loves being here and helping serve our customers, and just like his mummy he loves his herbal remedies (or witchy potions as he calls them) and crystals.


Hi everyone, I am 7 nearly 8 years old. When my mummy and nana got their shop, I told them I wanted my own. They asked what I would like to store in my shop, so after really thinking about it, I searched and found that I would like to stock items that I like and can't always find. Now my collection is slowly growing and that makes me really happy although I would like to be worldwide and have my own YouTube channel, but mummy says I'm not old enough yet. I love all things gaming, Minecraft, and I'm a Manchester united football fan (that's not always a popular opinion in my family) but I still like them.

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