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Nat-wax scented wax melts

Nat-wax scented wax melts

Wax Melts have been one of the hottest items in home fragrance for the past few years and rightfully so.

Whether you’re aiming for a romantic dinner in or a spiritual awakening, oil burners are great addition.

Bring the right blend to your home to create the ideal environment for an ideal headspace. Take the time to pause and take a whiff of those pleasant fumes. They truly make a difference in your mindset.

Made from a natural blend of Soy and Palm waxes these Natural Wax Melts contain no Paraffin Wax so your room will smell of fragrance and not oil. 

We’ve used the finest fragrances to make your home smell wonderful. Just add one or two melts to an oil burner. 

    5,00£ Normaali hinta