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Card Readings

Card reading


 People started referring to it as tarocchini which is the Italian version of the french word tarot. In the 15th century, when it became popular in these countries. They were originally inspired by cards used by Islamic societies that traders brought home. Originally it was a form of entertainment, over the centuries, it has become a type of divination. People saw the symbolic pictures of the cards as having more meaning than the simple trump cards of that time.

 Each deck featured four suits, swords, batons, coins and cups as well as trumps, ( these outranked all the rest). There are 78 cards to a pack. The reader looks at the cards and brings their own interpenetration to them. One needs to unlock their own subconscious to understand and use the cards, tarot continues to grow and change with decks reflecting major cultural and social shifts.

  If there is a card you do not like, you have the ability to take steps to change it, as we all have free will. You can use the cards to ask what steps are necessary to become the change.

Oracle Cards

 These are a tool that can be used for introspection or divination. There are no set number of cards in oracle decks, however as 44 is a master number, a deck is often made up of these.

 When using the cards you can go with your intuition, you can use the usual card spreads. Some people find them less intimidating than tarot.

 They focus on inspiring and prompting people into self analysis. They help us really see the path we are manifesting and show us how to break patterns.

Angel Cards

 These cards are a very good tool to find insight and guidance in your life. They provide gentle, comforting messages to help guide you through life, they help soothe tired and frazzled emotions.

 Angel cards do not predict the future however they reflect what is happening in a clients life, especially things they haven't accepted about themselves yet. but still let clients make their own decisions, nothing is set in stone and so the future is something that you have control of.

 No matter what type of card reading you would like or maybe a mixture of two or three it is always good to come prepared with questions you would like me to ask the cards, so at some point sit quietly and decide what you would like to know.

 Once you have booked i will call to ask your preferences as to where you want the card reading to take place and which packs you would prefer to use. 

 I will also ask clients to pick a tumble stone at the beginning of the reading that they feel drawn to if it they choose to meet in person. I find this usually calms people and allow them to be at ease with the reading.

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