Bamboo, Jasmine & Cleanse set

Bamboo, Jasmine & Cleanse set

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Vegan and Cruelty Free International approved.Cleanse - Rosemary & Thyme Room Candle.Great for giving a space a thorough refresh, our Thyme and Rosemary candles infuse the air with their strong, earthy aromas. The woody but citrusy fragrance of Rosemary, blended with the herbaceous and remedial scent of Thyme, together cleanse, and leave the air fresh and rejuvenated. Used on the skin for massage, the candle is perfect for working on problem pain areas and to de-stress.Oriental Bamboo Votive Candle.The sweet, dewy smell of Bamboo, along with the grassy aroma of Olive, will create nothing less than a Spring awakening right under your roof. Bamboo scent, believed to be great for aromatherapy because of its calming and de-stressing qualities, together with Olive, makes the perfect candle to invest in if you're in search for a subtle, yet, crisp aroma.Jasmine, with its strong, romantic scent, is famously known as the 'King of the Oils'. A proven anti-depressant, the essential oil's sweet aroma works to combat moods and boost energy. Its benefits don't stop there, however. Jasmine can also provide the right scent for the perfect night's sleep, as well as acting as a natural aphrodisiac. So whether you have problems with sleeping, low moods, or in the bedroom, our Jasmine Candles are here to help.


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