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The power of Bach VS Sensory Processing Disorder.

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

I recently had a boy aged 5 who has SPD, he suffers with anxiety with new experiences, Intolerance to certain bright lights, attention span issues, and strong emotions of frustration, and at times anger. His mum had tried everything to try and help him when I mentioned Bach I explained that it is all natural and suited to the individuals needs.

At first she was hesitant but after doing in depth research thought it was ''worth a try''. Two weeks in on the Bach the child wasn't displaying the same challenging behaviour and she was amazed at how much it had helped, she talked about how he wasn't having as many meltdowns, he seemed calmer in himself, and more tolerant to explore new things, she even got him to go into a museum for the first time.

For any parent of a child with SPD would understand how much of an accomplishment that in it self is.

At current he has been on Bach for 5 months and he is doing so well, he has caught up with his school work, going to dancing and gymnastic classes and even made a couple of new friends. On average he has 2 or 3 minor melt downs a week which is of great improvement, and he is happy and confident within himself.

His mum has said that his sleeping patterns have improved but he still wakes up in the night that is something we will work on next.

Bach is an amazing thing but it is to be used regularly and not once in a while as it does need to be in the system to make an effect on someone. its not an immediate fix but it does usually start working in two weeks of regular use.

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